Friday, 21 April 2017


The female child is looked down upon, as a second citizen not so important  and  not to be heard. May l ask if a   person who is to mold  or build  or a house has no say to the building process, what goes wrong with the building ? COLLAPSE is inevitable.That is exactly how our world treat the female child.Here ,what lam advocating for is to put the female child in-the-knowing of things  since she is a corner stone of  the  building. Again l want to say the female child is a home maker courtesy demand that she should be dignified and not to be relegated to the background  However,she should not be pampered she cannot get all her request granted ,she cannot have her ways all the time.This is where the parents roles come in to play.Yes! the panrets i.e father and mother both must team up to train, educate ,counsel and mentor the female child for the future responsibilities. Let me say this that every nations,states and localities have their differences  but if everyone play it role a point of equilibrium is attained and our world will be peaceful.                                                      The task of  training  a  child  is  an enormous one but that is   the cross we [parent] has to bear. I think that  is the point of deviation for this generation and that is why lot things goes  hay wire
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Sunday, 24 July 2016

You are welcome to parenting world.where issues concerning your children and my children are discussed especially the Female child .